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Installs the kube-dns addon to a Kubernetes cluster


Installs the kube-dns addon components via the API server. Please note that although the DNS server is deployed, it will not be scheduled until CNI is installed.

Alpha Disclaimer: this command is currently alpha.

kubeadm alpha phase addon kube-dns [flags]


--config string
Path to a kubeadm config file. WARNING: Usage of a configuration file is experimental!
--feature-gates string
A set of key=value pairs that describe feature gates for various features.Options are:
Auditing=true|false (ALPHA - default=false)
CoreDNS=true|false (BETA - default=false)
DynamicKubeletConfig=true|false (ALPHA - default=false)
SelfHosting=true|false (ALPHA - default=false)
StoreCertsInSecrets=true|false (ALPHA - default=false)
-h, --help
help for kube-dns
--image-repository string     Default: ""
Choose a container registry to pull control plane images from
--kubeconfig string     Default: "/etc/kubernetes/admin.conf"
The KubeConfig file to use when talking to the cluster
--kubernetes-version string     Default: "stable-1.10"
Choose a specific Kubernetes version for the control plane
--service-cidr string     Default: ""
The range of IP address used for service VIPs
--service-dns-domain string     Default: "cluster.local"
Alternative domain for services